Lift Elevator | Speed of a Gear Calculator

Lift Elevator | Speed of a Gear Calculator

This page allow the calculation of the velocity of a roped elevator. In roped elevators, the car is raised and lowered by traction steel ropes. The electrical motor turns a gear train that rotates the sheave. The geared machines use worm gears to control mechanical movement of elevator cars

\boxed{v = \frac{rid_{num}}{rid_{den}}\: \frac{d\cdot \pi \cdot rpm}{1000\cdot 60} }

The symbol d represents the diameter of the sheave [mm]; the symbol rpm represents the angular velocity of the electrical motor (round per minute)

\boxed{ \frac{rid_{num}}{rid_{den}} }

gear ratio
The speed of the gear is implemented. The 5% lower speed is reported in order to consider the constraint in case of a gear substitution

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